ANGEL Secure Networks, Inc.

ANGEL Secure Networks provides research and develops products for the US Government and industry directed at the following problems:

(a)    defending assets and proprietary trade secrets from reverse engineering;

(b)    protection of critical program information located on Government assets;

(c)    defending and identifying remotely located resources without placing trust in on-site individuals or processors.  

(d)    (new research area)  Developing and testing software for rapid aerial navigation potentially with embedded security features  

Previous research area include R&D efforts for the Air Force and for the Department of Energy involving defense of critical program information embedded in assets which may operate in hostile environments and the defense of high speed, high performance scientific networks, particularly from highly skilled rogue insiders.

ANGEL's core technology and principal product is DASH, which protects critical technology from anti-tamper and cyber attack. DASH is currently being rewritten to version 2, which will be suitable for implementation in a smaller environment.

ANGEL has won several Small Business Innovative Research awards from DoD and DOE, including four Phase I SBIRs, two Phase II SBIRs, and one Phase III SBIR.

Patented Technology 

ANGEL has been granted fifteen US patents and four foreign patents on its security technology.